My Alopecia Story Part 1

January 2016 was the first time I ever shaved my head. I’ll never forget it. I was crying so hard I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. I stood in the shower trembling…I felt like all hope was lost. I was told by doctors that my Alopecia was so severe that it was causing my scalp to scar…meaning that my hair would NEVER grow back. I was heartbroken and terrified. My eyebrows and eyelashes were falling out as well…I felt like I was losing myself. I felt ugly and unlovable. I was so ashamed. What good could I offer the world? When I wasn’t even capable of growing my own hair. I struggled to come to terms with my new self. I did so much research and eventually found a fellow alopecian who had managed to grow her hair back. It was the spark in the darkness I was looking for. I had found hope. Even if I could never grow back my hair at least I could try to keep what little I had left. I started eating according to the Alkaline Diet and I started practicing yoga regularly. Eventually I started working out again. Over time my head stopped hurting. I was able to sit in a car, wear a hat, and most importantly sleep comfortably. I had more energy and was feeling less depressed. My eyebrows and eyelashes filled in again! Slowly but surely over the years my hair has been growing back. November 2019 I had grown almost a full head of hair!! I have no photos because I was waiting to see if it would fill in completely. After my Opa’s suicide and other stress factors my hair fell out more rapidly than ever. Thankfully I didn’t lose as much as I had years prior! Now I have more hair than I could have ever thought possible in such a short time. I am so incredibly grateful for my love, my family, and my friends who have all helped me love and accept myself for who I am. I will have Alopecia for my whole life. There is no cure. Through healthy eating, exercise, and a whole lot of compassion I have been able to get my Alopecia to go into remission. I know that I could very well lose ALL my hair in the future. Honestly that would be fine. I love myself for who I am not what I look like. Thank you.


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