Introducing Alkaline

Now that you have an understanding of what the alkaline diet is and how it can potentially help you. You have the opportunity to give it the old college try. But how are you even supposed to start? Don't think of this as a cold turkey all in or nothing type of diet. Because it's… Continue reading Introducing Alkaline

5 Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials

After making these 5 small changes I was amazed at how little waste has been created when cooking, aside from food scrapes of course! These products have truly stood the test of time in my kitchen. True, they are a bit of an investment upfront compared to their single use counterparts. After having most of… Continue reading 5 Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga from Home

Whatever stage you are at in your practice is the perfect time to start a home practice. I personally have done most of my yoga, aside from when I was in yoga teacher training, from home. I find that I am considerably more comfortable when I can practice in my own space in my own… Continue reading 5 Tips for Practicing Yoga from Home

5 Vegan Pantry Essentials

Garlic PowderOnion PowderNutritional YeastLiquid SmokeCanned Coconut Milk If you are anything like me when I started on the journey that is Veganism. You are silently or maybe not so silently thinking to yourself "The F@#$ do I do with tofu?". There is actually a lot you can do with tofu. You can pan fry it,… Continue reading 5 Vegan Pantry Essentials

Home Style Berry Crisp (Vegan and Glutenfree)

Barry Layer 6 cups Fresh or Frozen Berries of choice.1/2 cup Cane Sugar2 tbsp Gluten-free Flour (I use the all purpose gluten-free flour from bulk barn)2 tbsp water1/4 tsp Salt In a 9" × 12" baking pan combine ingredients evenly. Be careful not to spill any over the edge. If that's not your style you… Continue reading Home Style Berry Crisp (Vegan and Glutenfree)